Knut Hamsun - Markens Grøde
Frogner Skole

While travelling on the island Senja we found an old schoolbook on a shelf in a café. Knut Hamsun's "Markens grøde" is a classic that most Norwegians met during their school days./p>

Without understanding the content we marked a few sections of the text and asked locals to read these sentences to us. Later we combined our recordings with fotos that we took during our journey.
It remains open if these pictures correspond with what the readers imagined.

We are happy about the many interesting encounters and stories that we heard as well as the positive reactions and would like to thank:

Tuva Simonsen, Therese Osbakk, Kristin, Line Eriksen-Waage, Knut Olav Hauge, Tony Bjerketveit, Mia Kanstad Kulseng, Lin Olsen, Tiina Portti, Trine-Lise Slatsveen, Kenneth Korstad, Rigmar Dina Farstad, Sarah Brinkmann, Arild Vage Berge, Natalie, Nanna Lenander

The recordings were taken at this places:

Finnsnes - Tourist Office / Lenvik Bibliotek
Tromsø - Bibliothek / Troms Turlag / Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum / Arktisk alpin Botanisk hage
Oslo - Deichman Grünerløkka Bibliotek / Deichmanske Bibliotek / Astrup Fearnley Museum